Gerald Broflovski driving a Toyonda Pious.

The Toyanda Pious is a hybrid electric/petrol automobile was seen in the episode "Smug Alert!".


Due to grandiose claims that driving a Pious would greatly benefit the environment, drivers tend to be "smuggier" than others, believing they are better for driving cars with significantly fewer emissions. As one of the drivers, Gerald Broflovski alienates a majority of his friends and moves to San Francisco, claiming it to be a more progressive city.

Instead of smog, however, drivers of the Pious generate significant amounts of "smug", a fictional greenhouse gas. When large amounts of smug accumulate, it forms a cloud. When multiple clouds collide, especially large ones, significant damage to the environment is done. Because of all the smug, all of the Toyanda Pious cars were crushed and disposed of.


  • The Toyonda Pious is a parody of the automobile Toyota Prius.


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