Eric Cartman being diagnosed with tourettes (which he is faking).

Tourette's syndrome is named after the neurologist Georges Gilles Tourette, who lived in late nineteenth century France. The disorder manifests as chronic involuntary muscle movements or verbal outbursts, these are generally called 'tics'.

Tourette's was the subject in the episode "Le Petit Tourette", which debunked the stereotypical portrayal of sufferers as people who constantly spew curses uncontrollably. Named characters affected by Tourette's included Thomas and Mr. Donaldson; several unnamed characters attending a support group known as the Tourette's Tolerance and Understanding Foundation also made appearances in the episode.

After pretending to have Tourette's in order to get away with constantly swearing and blatant antisemitism, Cartman appeared to develop a genuine affliction, following which he was unable to stop himself from divulging embarrassing secrets and truths about himself.

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