Rc tonka

Cartman playing with the Bulldozer while Kyle is forced to watch.

The Tonka RC Bulldozer is a toy Eric Cartman wanted. It appeared in the episode, "Die Hippie, Die", where it was seen being played by Cartman while Kyle Broflovski was forced to watch.


Cartman's vigilante approach to dealing with the sudden influx of hippies to South Park caused him to be thrown in jail. Mayor McDaniels authorized a music festival for the hippies in order to improve the town's economy.

After the crowd becomes too large and burdensome, she and the parents go to ask for Cartman's help. Although he was initially reluctant to helping them, he does and saves the town. As a reward, he demanded the Tonka RC Bulldozer be given to him, Kyle not be allowed to ever own one, and Kyle to be forced to watch him play it.

The toy has yet to reappear.