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The Three Feathers Indian Casino is a casino located several miles from South Park. It was featured in the "Red Man's Greed" and made an appearance in "Freemium Isn't Free".


Gerald Broflovski and Randy Marsh fall in debt after gambling at the casino. Randy loses $300, whereas Gerald, who has a severe gambling problem, loses his house, as he put it up for collateral. Later, the casino's owner, Chief Runs With Premise, wanted to buy South Park, to build a super highway through it, for easier access to his casino.


The casino's main building is very large. The outside of the building looks like a typical Indian casino, featuring many stereotypical decorations. On the building's roof, sits a giant tepee with many lights adorning its sides. Inside, the casino features a comedy club and many casino games, such as blackjack and slot machines.

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