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    16:02, September 24, 2016

    As seen in "T.M.I.", below are the three forumlas for the T.M.I. Which one do you agree with?

    • Randy Marsh: $ \cfrac{((L \times d)+ \tfrac{W}{G})}{\angle\alpha_t^2} = T.M.I. $
    • Surgeon General: $ \Big(\cfrac{L \times G}{\angle A^\circ}\Big) \div \Big(\dfrac{M}{W}\Big) = T.M.I. $
    • Anger Therapist: $ \dfrac{L \times W}{M^2 - \angle} + yaw = T.M.I. $

    (Also, testing MATH)

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    • But the Anger Therapist formula stated in the chapter clearly says that equals ANGER, not T.M.I....

      And I agree with the Surgeon General's formula... women should be the ones to judge which length is the nice one for em...

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    • Actually, Rebecca told that is divided by mass over width, not times. Thus, her T.M.I. is actually lower than Randy's formula. :D

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