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Thomas Tucker is Craig's father and Laura Tucker's husband. Thomas is considered one of the rednecks in town.


He is incredibly tall (taller than most, if not all the other people of South Park) and fat. He wears a blue sweater and brown trousers. Under his sweater is a white shirt. He has orange-red hair, although he seems to be balding. He also has a protruding chin. In "South Park is Gay!" he wore a nearly-unbuttoned red shirt, pink scarf, gold necklace, a belt, and striped white pants.


Thomas has displayed an uncaring attitude. In "Tweek vs. Craig", when Craig told his family about the fight that was going to occur, Craig's father replied with an indifferent, "Oh", not caring in the slightest, which resulted in the whole family giving each other the middle finger. However, he did seem to show some concern for his son in later episodes.


Craig Tucker

Craig is his 10 year old son. In "Tweek vs. Craig", their interactions do not seem to show that he has an even remotely close bond with Craig. He appears indifferent and uninterested in Craig getting into a fight.

However, he and his wife were visibly upset and were seen crying when they send Craig away, along with the rest of the kids in South Park, in "Child Abduction is Not Funny". In "Pandemic", after Craig goes missing, Thomas and his wife appear to be very worried about Craig and even stick up for him after the other boys' parents call him a bad influence. In "Pandemic 2: The Startling", Thomas and his wife are overjoyed when Craig returns home.

Laura Tucker

He does not seem to have an incredibly close bond with his wife; in "Tweek vs. Craig" their interactions seem to show only a tenuous relationship between the two. However, they are shown consoling each other in later episodes.

Tucker Sibling

He also has unnamed daughter, but due to a lack of interaction, their relationship remains unknown.


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