The White Swallow is a men's "bathhouse" seen in the Season Five episode, "Butters' Very Own Episode". The White Swallow is a "bathhouse" where homosexual men engage in casual sex.


In "Butters' Very Own Episode", Linda Stotch asks Butters to spy on his father in order to find out what he is getting her for their anniversary, so he doesn't "outdo" her again. After spying on his father, he returns to his mother, slightly confused as to why his father would go see a movie and go to a "spa" under the false claim of looking for an anniversary present. After viewing several pictures proving Butters' claim, his mother faints. Later, she is seen painting the house, for the third time according to Stephen; she went insane from the psychological trauma Stephen's homosexual behavior caused her. After Stephen once again goes out to "look for an anniversary gift", Butters follows him, attempting to tell him that he should buy Linda a paintbrush due to her excessive painting. When Butters finally catches up to him, he was caught masturbating in a bedroom located in the White Swallow.


  • Mr. Slave's voice is heard but not seen. This was well before he was introduced.
  • Stephen Stotch blamed his behavior on internet porn addiction that got out of control.