"The Tale of Craig's Mom's Bush" is a song featured in the Season Eighteen episode, "The Magic Bush".


At a banquet ceremony held celebrating Laura Tucker ridding the town of drones song. An unnamed bard performed this song in tribute of her magical bush.


Have you heard the tale of Craig's Mom's Bush?
And the night it saved us from drones?
Nobody knew the power it had
They just thought it was shaggy and gross!
Craig's Mom lived a life of shame and despair
Everyone feared their great giant bush!
But then when drones were filling the sky
She unfurled her bush and she used it to fly!
Craig's Mom's Bush, Craig's Mom's Bush!
Gargantuan thicket of madness...
Bigger than Earth, and denser than gold,
Truly a magical bush to behold!
And she flew and she flew away into the sun...
And she died.