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The Sony President is the president of the Sony Corporation who appeared in the Season Seventeen episodes, "Black Friday", "A Song of Ass and Fire", and "Titties and Dragons". Although it is never stated within the episode, the character could be a parody of real life Sony President Kazuo Hirai.


The Sony President, after hearing about the Black Friday "console war" building in South Park, creates the Brack Friday Bunduru to help the PlayStation 4 compete with the Xbox One. Later, he delivers a magic ring to Princess Kenny to turn him into a Japanese Princess with the powers to effectively fight the console war on Black Friday. The Sony President is repeatedly shown having sex, with a woman and with a news reporter.

In "Titties and Dragons", The Sony President fought and was killed by Bill Gates in the Red Robin.


The Sony President is a Japanese man with combed, black hair and few facial wrinkles. When he's not naked, he wears a dark gray business suit consisting of a dark gray coat, white dress shirt, a red tie, dark gray pants, and black shoes. He has also been shown in a black and red robe with the company name "SONY" embroidered on it in yellow.


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