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This page contains trivia for "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • The title for this episode is a mix of all the Lord of The Rings movie titles (The Return of The King, The Fellowship of The Ring and The Two Towers).
  • It’s unknown how Butters Stotch got out of the video store, in the next episode, he is seen back at South Park.
  • The boys mention that the video store is in Conifer, which is an actual town that Trey Parker grew up in.

References to Popular Culture

  • Butters Stotch falling into the video tape drop box is reminiscent of Gollum falling into Mount Doom.
  • Kevin Stoley is seen in a Star Wars Stormtrooper costume.
  • As the boys enter Bailey, they pass by a group of a kids playing Harry Potter. Three of the kids are dressed up like Harry Potter, Severus Snape, and Ron Weasley. Cartman laughs and calls them fags.
  • The sixth graders on their bikes play the roles of the Ringwraiths, who are unable to cross water, and who are able to "sniff" out the Fourth Graders.
  • When the Sixth graders ride out with the bikes, a sign behind them reads "More-Doors Doors", a reference to the land of Mordor from The Lord of the Rings.
  • When the boys enter Bailey, Stan says "Perhaps the ringworm of Bailey is about!", this is a possible reference to Ringwraiths.
  • According to the DVD commentary, the audio coming from the video tape Butters watches by accident is from an actual porno.
  • When the boys take the video tape from Butters in his basement, adult film actor Evan Stone can be briefly seen on his TV.
  • The boys, as well as many other each took roles similar to those of characters in The Lord of the Rings. Although boys seem to have specific characters in mind to play, they occasionally shift characters.
South Park The Lord of the Rings
Stan Marsh Legolas
Kyle Broflovski Aragorn
Eric Cartman (with Kenny's spirit sharing his body) Gandalf the Grey / White
Butters Stotch Sméagol (Gollum)
Clyde Donovan Elrond
Craig Tucker Boromir

Token Black (fell because of the video)

Boromir (fell because of the Ring)
Sixth Graders Ringwraiths (Nazgûl)
Jimmy Valmer Sam Gamgee / Gandalf the Grey
Unnamed kindergartener (possibly Filmore) Gimli

Council of Faragon

Council of Elrond

  • Elf
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Man
  • Elf
  • Dwarf


  • When Randy and Sharon Marsh arrive at Butters' house, they are wearing their night clothes, but after they find out they switched the two tapes by mistake, they're wearing their ordinary clothes, then back to their night clothes in the next scene.
  • Before the parents find Jimmy, Randy, Sharon, Sheila and Gerald are in one car and Butters' parents in another car. After they talk to Jimmy, Sheila and Gerald are seen in their own car.
  • When the sixth graders get together to hunt down the fellowship, Scott Tenorman is seen in the group despite being a 9th grader.
  • Right before Jimmy gets run over by the 6th graders, he's missing his cape.
  • When Randy and Sharon unintentionally watch the Lord of the Rings, the narration depicts seven rings being given to the race of men, seven to the Elves and 5 to a ficticious race. In the real film and book the rings bequeathed were as follows.

- Three were given to the Elves - Seven rings to the Dwarves - Nine given to Men

  • How butters knels on the ground,it doesn’t show his line on his jacket.

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