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  • This episode aired shortly after the suicide of Mary Kay Bergman, who voiced most of the female characters. No female characters had any lines in this episode, apart from the S'more Schnapps girl who was voiced by Trey Parker, since a new female voice artist wasn't cast immediately, out of respect.
  • This episode began the change in Cartman's voice, particularly during the bulk of the episode where he speaks using a Southern accent.
  • Kyle and Kenny alternate between holding their flutes correctly (to the side) and incorrectly (down, like a recorder).
  • The Visitors' home planet is seen, as well as Starvin' Marvin's new home, Marklar, when Kyle rips Cartman's beard off.
  • When Kenny is killed, Marvin Marsh says, "You bastards!" before Kyle can.
  • Al Gore has a totally different appearance later in "ManBearPig".
  • Stuart McCormick says he has to go to work, however, he is unemployed in "Chickenpox". It is likely he found employment through a part-time or temporary job.

References to Popular Culture

  • The alcohol sponsor Jagermins is a spoof of Jägermeister.
  • The title is a reference to the book The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, which is set in the American Civil War.


  • When the reenactors are being rallied by Jimbo, they have both grey and blue uniforms - when they run out of the party, all the uniforms are grey.
  • At the first reenactment when Ned is shot down, he talks without his voice box.
  • During the re-enactment, both sides are actually using Confederate flags. The flag used by the Union reenactors is the Stars and Bars, while the Confederate Battleflag is flown by the Confederates. The actual Union flag was similar to the one in use today.
  • When the President's aide first comes in he doesn't have a nose.
  • When Mrs. McCormick reads the letter about Kenny's death, there is a barrel or an oil drum behind her with fire that is not animated.
  • When walking away just before the episode ends, Cartman is still seen to have a beard when looking at him from the side, however the beard was torn off by Kyle a few seconds beforehand.

Kenny’s Death

  • Burnt to death by the United States National Guard warning flare. However, Marvin Marsh says Kyle usual line which causes Kyle to say “Hey”.

Hidden Visitor(s)

  • There are no hidden visitors, but they can be seen on their home planet.

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