"The Prostitute Song" is a parody of James Taylor's song "Your Smiling Face" from 1977. It was sung by Chef in the Season Four episode, "Fat Camp".


Chef is joined by James Taylor in a duet that explains his concept of prostitution to the boys. Principal Victoria interrupts the performance, causing Chef to blame James Taylor for his risque lyrics.


A prostitute is someone who loves you
No matter who you are, or what you look like.
Yes, it's true, children.
That's not why you pay a prostitute, No, you don't pay her to stay, you pay her to leave afterwards.
That's why I praise the lord for prostitutes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. James Taylor!

James Taylor:
A prostitute is like any other woman
They all trade somethin' for sex and they do it well.

And that's why I say

Chef and James Taylor:
Prostitutes! Prostitutes! They--