"The Only Memeing I'll Ever Do" is a song sung by Eric Cartman in Season Sixteen episode, "Faith Hilling". The song is a parody of Faith Hill's intro to Sunday Night Football on NBC.


At the second GOP Republican Presidential debates, the nominees had a new challenger, the ambassador of cats. In a triumphant display, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, and Stan Marsh crashed the debate, again, by "Faith Hilling", only this time the whole audience joined in, including the candidates.


Alright, Football night, what do you do?
Get out your camera and a boobie or two.
We gotta get serious while we’re in our prime.
Come on everybody,
It's Faith Hilling time.
Dancin', rappin', titties flappin' where are you?
This is the only memeing I'll ever do.

Ambassador of Cats:
Oh Long Johnson.
Is a meme I won't buy
'Cause I'm Faith Hilling 'til the day that I die.