The Muppets are puppets made bye Jim Henson. South Park mentions the Muppets lots of times.

Ike Broflovski (Kyle's 2 year-old brother) frequently utters "Cookie Monster" amid his various nonsensical burbling.
Cartman has been crucified on a Christian cross as part of the boys' adaptation of the biblical event. As Cartman calls for help, Officer Barbrady walks by going "Noo-ne-noo-ne-noo" like the Typewriter Guy. He notices Cartman on the cross, and observes "T ... T is for turtle."
The town is debating about changing their flag. In one scene, Ned and Jimbo try to blend in at a KKK meeting, where the members are playing "Who's Got the Silliest Thing On Under Their Robe?" One of the members has a Big Bird outfit under his robe.
After Ike finishes reading Cannery Row by John Steinbeck, he shouts, "Cookie Monster"!
  • Season 9, Episode 3: "Wing"
At Sylvester Stallone's son's wedding (and during the end credits), Chinese singer Wing sings the song "Sing".
  • Season 10, Episode 7: "Tsst"
Having disciplinary trouble with her son, Cartman's mother seeks the help of a number of nanny reality shows. Going through the roster of nannies from Nanny 911, the last nanny shown is "Nanny Skexis", a reference to [[w:c:muppet:The_Dark_Crystal The Dark Crystal]. She whimpers in the same way Chamberlain does.
At Satan's party, one of his demonic henchmen wears an Elmo costume with the words "Tickle Me" on the stomach, a reference to the popular Tickle Me Elmo doll.
The boys travel to Imaginationland, where all of humanity's made-up beings live. After an attack on the cartoon characters, a caricature of Boober Fraggle can be seen injured on the ground as Butters chases after the dragon who flies the other boys to safety. In the second part of the "Imaginationland" trilogy, a Skeksis was among the band of evil characters. In the third part, Oscar the Grouch is among the characters participating in the final battle of good and evil.