"The Mole's Reprise" is sung in the film, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut as The Mole dies in Kyle Broflovski's arms. The song is a downcast reprise of "La Resistance".

This song is one of three songs that were sung in the movie itself but not included on the soundtrack album, the other two being "Wendy's Song" and "Hell Isn't Good".


The Mole's Reprise-0

The Mole's Reprise-0

The Mole's Reprise

Mole: Now the light, she fades
And darkness settles in
But I will find strength

Kyle: No, Mole, hang on
Mole: I will find pride within
Kyle: We'll get you home
Mole: Because although I die
Kyle: I can't face my mother
Mole: Our freedom will be won
Kyle: Not alone
Mole: Though I die, La Resistance lives... on.

Kyle: Shit


  • This song is extremely similar to the Les Misérables song A Little Fall of Rain, in which Eponine dies in Marius' arms.