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This page contains trivia for "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker initially met while the latter was making a film called The Giant Beaver of Southern Sri Lanka.
  • This episode introduced Saddam Hussein as Satan's lover in hell.
  • In the flashback narrated by Jimbo and Ned, it is revealed what Jimbo looked like when he had hair, and Ned with no deformities or deviations, other than the latter still having an extremely disproportionate head and body; he can speak without a voice box, he has both of his arms, and we can see his eyes.
    • Ned starts smoking in the flashback, and full-haired Jimbo tells him that smoking so much is going to give him cancer, foreshadowing his need of a voice box in the present time.
    • Near the end of the flashback, a premature grenade explosion blows Ned's hand off.
  • When the general shows Jimbo the map of the area of Vietnam that they are stationed, it is just a map of Italy.
  • When the boys, Ned, and Jimbo leave the studio, Ned appears to be perfectly fine until Stan and Kyle apologize for setting him in a coma and the shot changes to Ned and Jimbo.
  • Ned and Jimbo refer to the Viet Cong army as "Charlie". "Charlie" is a slang term for the phrase "Victor Charlie", which was the NATO phonetic alphabet name for the Viet Cong Army.
  • When Jimbo learns about the positive ratings for his show Huntin' and Killin', he's convinced that the show could be nominated for an Emmy Award.
  • Ned mentions that he and Jimbo were stationed in Da Nang during the Vietnam War. This was the main in-country R&R location for US forces, and since the war, has become a major tourist destination. However, it did not, and still does not, have a log ride.
  • The cameraman talking to Ned states he was in "Tet", referring to the Tet Offensive.
  • This is the only time up until "South Park is Gay!" where Jimbo is seen without his hat, although it was just a flashback.
  • Stephen Stotch is also seen in the crowd in Jesus and Pals during a riot.
  • The Mexican Staring Frog can be seen at Starks Pond in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

References to Popular Culture

  • During Ned and Jimbo's flashback to Vietnam, the song "Time of the Season" by The Zombies is playing in the background. This song is also used during another Vietnam flashback in the episode "201".
  • When Jesus and Pals is revamped the first time, it's turned into a late night talk show in the vein of the Late Show with David Letterman. His guest on the show is Bob Denver.
  • According to Ned, he won the Purple Heart of Bravery, which is awarded to US soldiers who are either wounded or killed in battle.
  • Stan comes up with an idea based on an episode of The Brady Bunch.
  • The next revamp of Jesus and Pals turns the show into a talk show in the vein of then popular talk shows such as The Jerry Springer Show, also commonly referred to as "Trash TV", based on their low brow entertainment value.
  • One of the guests on the show begins talking about how Michael Jackson didn't touch any children. This is in reference to the first time Michael Jackson was accused of molesting children.
    • This man also calls Jesus "Montel", which is a reference to Montel Williams who had his own day-time talk show, called The Montel Williams Show.
  • In response to the latest ratings spike from Ned and Jimbo's show, the producers of Jesus and Pals have a Jesus and Pal's: Too Hot for TV video released. This is a parody of the Jerry Springer Show: Too Hot for TV video series that featured uncensored clips of things that happened on his show.
  • The book that Jimbo is reading to Ned in the hospital is The Outsiders, a novel written by S. E. Hinton.

Deleted Scene

  • During the Riot where Kenny is pulled apart by two men some of the scene is cut; a man hits Kenny in the face with a chair and his face starts bleeding. The three men, Stan, and Kyle gasp in horror at this.

Kenny's Death

  • During the riot on Jesus and Pals, two people pull on Kenny until he gets ripped in half. Later, while Stan is telling Jesus the truth about what actually happened, a rat comes and drags Kenny's upper body away.

Hidden Visitor(s)

  • During the detention scene in which the boys think up their plan, you can see the "Have you seen me?" poster.

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