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References to Popular Culture

  • The song Randy trains to is "You're the Best" by Joe Esposito, which is the tournament montage song used in The Karate Kid. Randy can be heard singing the chorus of "I'm (You're) the best, around" when he is fighting Bat Dad. The song is at a much faster tempo in the episode, however.
  • The episode, like "Stanley's Cup" and to a lesser extent "Asspen", is a spoof of sports films - the boys' plot parodies the usual plot of going against many opponents in hopes of winning, despite them seeming to be better at the game, while Randy's parodies the plot of getting ready for a big confrontation with the final opponent.
  • There are numerous references to the 1976 film Rocky and its sequels including:
    • Randy telling his wife that he is afraid is very similar to the scene in Rocky III where Rocky tells Adrian his fear of facing Clubber, along with a similar scene in Rocky about the fight with Apollo. Also the preceding shot is an exact reproduction of the scene in the original film after he visits the ring before his fight with Apollo.
    • Bat Dad is a pastiche of Batman, Thunderlips, and Apollo Creed (the latter two are characters from the Rocky movies). Bat Dad calls himself "the ultimate little league trash talking father," which is a parody of Thunderlips, who called himself "the ultimate male." Bat Dad then says "I want you Marsh! I want you!" Apollo Creed said the same thing to his opponents.
      • Diedrich Bader, who voices Bat Dad, would later voice Batman in a later animated series titled Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
    • When Randy beats Bat Dad, the original score from the Rocky movies is used.
    • Randy is wearing a sweatsuit identical to the one Rocky wears in Rocky, Rocky II and Rocky Balboa.
    • Randy wakes up early wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. He cracks open some eggs and pours them into a glass as if to drink them like Rocky Balboa did, but then he pours them in a frying pan to scramble them and drinks a beer instead. (John Candy did this once in a Rocky parody Second City Television sketch.)
    • The last scene when Randy gets knocked down by Bat Dad is referencing Rocky V, even the ghost of Mickey appears and says "Get up Rock"; except instead of saying afterward, "Get up you son of a bitch, cause Mickey loves ya", Mick just says, "Get up you bum!". After Randy gets back up he says the same line Rocky said in Rocky V after standing up to Tommy Gunn with 'Bat Dad' replacing 'Tommy'; "Hey Bat Dad, I didn't hear no bell."



  • After South Park's first win, when Randy Marsh arrives at Whistlin' Willy's, he's handed two beers. A few seconds later one of them disappears.
  • Also after South Park's first win, Timmy Burch appears eating with the boys during one shot, and disappears when Cartman speaks.
  • In South Park's last game before the finals, the scoreboard before the final out showed South Park ahead 1-0. After Stan strikes out the final batter, the announcer declares their victory, with a score of 4-0.
  • When he first appears, Bat Dad is said to be called Tom Nelson, however while heckling South Park at the championship game he is told to sit down by his wife who calls him Chris.
  • When Randy is being arrested after the game at Greeley, one of the arresting officers has no mouth.
  • When Randy gets arrested for the second time (in Fort Collins) a South Park police car takes him away but everywhere else a police car from the place he fought took him away.

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