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  • This is the first time the South Park Elementary Cafeteria has been seen since Chef's death. From this point onward, the cafeteria mostly serves as a way for the boys to learn of an episode's plot hook, typically from Butters or Cartman.
  • Seen in the girls list-making room are posters of Orlando Bloom, Joe Jonas, and Corbin Bleu from High School Musical.
  • Despite being called by her current name in "Follow That Egg!", Red is referred to as "Rebecca" in this episode. Like "Erection Day" is which she was called "Bertha", this is the only episode where she is called "Rebecca".
  • Some of the other lists seen in the background or discussed are "Girls We Hate the Most", "Hip Hop and Country", "Do's and Don'ts on a First Date (holding hands is alright, no kissing, never pay for dinner), "Which Girl Has the Cutest Purse?", "Best Dressed", and "Biggest Liars."
  • Contrary to popular belief, kicking or hitting a woman between the legs would hurt almost as much as hitting a man, due to the bones located around that area.
  • Starting with this season, all the "South Park Complete Season DVDs" and episodes on the website are now uncensored.

The "Fake" List


A mock movie poster for the episode.

  1. Clyde
  2. Token
  3. Stan
  4. Bradley
  5. Jason
  6. Leroy
  7. Kenny
  8. Tweek
  9. Kevin
  10. Jimmy
  11. Butters
  12. Craig
  13. Timmy
  14. Francis
  15. Cartman
  16. Kyle

The "Real" List

  • Various South Park Archives users have contributed to figuring out the contents of the unaltered list. A forum post explaining how it was figured out can be seen here. Please note that this information is not canon, and in no way should be considered official.

References to Popular Culture

  • The scene where Stan and Wendy began to kiss is similar to where Batman and Catwoman heated their relationship from the Batman episode, Almost Got 'Im.


  • This is the last episode that features Muhammad in the opening credits.
  • According to the episode "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", Clyde had a colostomy at age five, but in this episode when he examines himself, he appears normal. However, it is possible his colostomy was reversed.
  • This marks the first time in 8 years since Stan has vomited on Wendy, the last time he did it was in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
  • Stan and Wendy appear to get back together in this episode. They broke up 57 episodes ago, in "Raisins".
  • The part where Kenny dies is a reference to earlier in the episode, because Cartman said that nobody would marry Kenny because they wouldn't want to "have pop-tarts for dinner."
  • Although their friendship is doomed in this episode, Wendy and Bebe become friends again in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".
  • Bebe Stevens kills Kenny for a second time, although it was accidental. The first was in "Proper Condom Use".
  • Bebe dates Clyde in this episode. She previously entered a relationship with him in "Clubhouses".

Deleted Ending

  • This episode has an addition to the ending that was removed from broadcast. After Stan vomits on Wendy, Kyle mentions that everyone will want to know who was really last on the list. Wendy reveals that "Well, I guess we'll never know... except that I looked and it was Cartman." Cartman is then shown sitting with the Ugly Kids. Butters now makes fun of him by saying "Hey ugly buggly, did Adolf Zitler launched a zitzkrieg across your face!?" Cartman says it doesn't bother him as long as he's a good person on the inside... he then realizes what he said and drops his head on the table. It might had been removed from broadcast due to lack of time.

Kenny's Death

  • Shot by stray bullet by Bebe as he eating dinner with his family. This episode marks the first time Kenny has been killed since "Best Friends Forever" (excluding his warcraft character dying twice in "Make Love, Not Warcraft").

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