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  • The use of characters making noise while riding was also included in Season 8's "Pre-School", where the sixth graders make the same sounds while riding their bicycles.
  • Damien Thorn is seen in the school hall.
  • The scene where the news reporter gets beaten up by the Harley Riders may be a parody of Jim Rome referring to Jim Everett as "Chris Evert"
  • This marks Big Gay Al's first appearance since "Follow That Egg!" from Season 9.
  • The titular "F word" was spoken 75 times throughout the episode, including all forms of the word.

References to Popular Culture

  • Emmanuel Lewis as the Dictionary Officiate is a play on the fact he portrayed the cute child star of 1980's sit-com Webster as Webster is also a name of a well known dictionary publisher.
  • The New York Times quickly issued an editorial which, while acknowledging the logic of the effort to change the meaning of the term "fag", was nevertheless critical of the episode.
  • Father Maxi holding the sign that says "God hates fags" is a reference to the Westboro Baptist Church, a church notorious for holding hate protests.
  • One of the pictures of the potential "fags" the News Team shows children is a photo of Luka Magnotta. He was convicted of murder in 2012.


  • The concept of the whole "you can't say fag unless you're homosexual" from "It Hits the Fan" business seems to be dropped in this episode for an unknown reason, likely because it's not being used to refer to homosexuality anymore.
  • This episode reveals that Ted really did die in Night of the Living Homeless since he is not seen in this episode (at one point, you see just the Mayor McDaniels with the children and Johnson).
  • In "Imaginationland", Butters went by the call sign "faggot", the fact he is not annoyed and wanted to be biker when he becomes an adult may be continuation from that.


  • When the boys say, "Everyone hates those fags, right?", Butters is seen agreeing with the crowd, even though he previously said that he wanted a Harley when he grew up.
  • There are 2 duplicates of Kevin Stoley seen in the gymnasium.

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