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  • Bill Gates is seen with a bullet hole with a bandage on it on his head. This is from being shot in the head in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
    • It is unknown as to how Bill Gates survived such a wound. However, he could have been revived via Kenny's wish, or he merely survived, like Mayor McDaniels did when she shot herself in the head.
    • Bill Gates was shot in the face, but his face is unscathed.
  • John Travolta is an avid pilot with his own personal planes. As such his support of Garrison's new vehicle, IT, and his dislike of airports is rather ironic.
  • This is one of the few episodes when someone says "Cock" censored or not.
  • A rotating vehicle similar to Mr.Garrison's It later appeared in the 2012 movie Men In Black 3.



  • In the scene at the IT company building, Randy Marsh's shirt is purple, instead of its usual light blue.
  • Kyle Schwartz is shown entering Mr. Garrison's backyard though the gate during the presentation of IT to the investors, but is never shown again.

Kenny's Death

  • Shot by the airport security guard when he finds nail clips.

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