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"The Biggest Douche in the Universe"
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Episode no. Season 6
Episode 15
Production no. 615
Original airdate November 27, 2002
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"The Death Camp of Tolerance" "My Future Self n' Me"
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"The Biggest Douche in the Universe" is the fifteenth episode of Season Six, and the 94th overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 27, 2002.[1]


Chef's parents try to expel Kenny's spirit from Cartman. Stan is at odds with psychic John Edward.


SPW pic -- Spoiler Spoiler warning!
Plot details follow.

The episode starts with Cartman being taken out of a ambulance. He is taken into a emergency room as the curtains close. In the room, Liane is sitting by Cartman as the doctor comes in. The doctor says he needs more time.

Stan and Kyle knock on Chef’s door. They ask whether they should care or not about Cartman being in the hospital. Chef suggests they go visit Cartman.

After the three walk into the hospital room, Kenny (who is in Cartman's body) responds happily to the boys coming to visit. While Cartman replies with a less thankful tone. Chef suggests they go visit John Edward, while the doctor suggests Cartman stay in the hospital so they can monitor his time. Liane agrees to go to New York.

The boys, Liane and Chef are on a airplane heading to New York. They all excitedly put on headphones after the flight attendant announces they will be showing a movie. A movie with Rob Schneider is shown, Rob transforms into various things, ultimately he becomes a stapler. The boys take off their headphones, disinterested in the movie.

The boys are lined up outside for the taping of the show with John Edward. After the taping starts, John walks up to a random person and starts suggesting a person's name starts with a “M”. He finally goes over to the boys and starts to piece together what happened with Kenny. He pieces together that Kyle’s grandma died and that Kyle is supposed to be looking for white doves. goes over to a woman and starts saying things to her.

They walk out of the theater, Kyle shortly followed, still paranoid. Chef says the only other idea he has is to talk to his parents. Stan and Kyle are sent back to Denver, while Liane, Chef, Cartman and Kenny go to Scotland. Kyle sees four white beards and a advertisement for Jewleeard (A private Jewish school) and refuses to go back to Colorado. Stan is left on his own.

Stan walks up to the home of John Edward and asks to speak to him. His butler tells Stan that John doesn’t do private readings, Stan says it’ll be fast and he is let in. The butler presses buttons on the wall that fake the announcement and audience applause as John walks out and he thanks the non-existent audience. Stan tells him that he messed up Kyle’s mind and that Kyle refuses to fly back to Colorado. John pulls out a index card and says that he is not liable for anything that is said as it is for “Entertainment purposes only”.

He starts arguing with Stan after he calls him a douche. John runs upstairs and locks the door to his room, threatening to call the police. Stan grabs some books about being a psychic off of John’s bookshelf and takes them with him.

Chef, Liane, Cartman and Kenny are on a flight to Scotland. Kenny and Cartman are arguing with each other, it is announced they will be showing a movie on board. Rob Schneider is shown again, this time as a Wall Street executive. He suddenly becomes a carrot. Cartman and Kenny start to argue about watching the movie.

At the Jewleeard School, Stan tries to stop Kyle from going in, Telling him about the flaws of John Edward. Other people get interested about what Stan is saying and want to ask him questions. Meanwhile Kyle walks into the school.

In Scotland, Chef is at the McElroy Residence, Thomas answers the door and Chef introduces him and Nelle to Liane, Cartman and Kenny. Inside, Thomas takes a quick at Cartman and is immediately able to tell that Kenny is inside of him. Cartman stands on a chair and Nelle starts yelling for Kenny to get out of Cartman’s body.

Stan’s new psychic show “The Other Side” is being taped. He starts trying to tell the audience it’s all a setup. But the audience remains in shock and awe about what’s happening, not buying the fact that it's all a setup.

Thomas and Nelle try to free Kenny from Cartman. The bed starts to shake and Cartman glows yellow. The oven goes off and they stop, Kenny’s soul starts flying around the house.

A ad for another Rob Schneider movie is showing, called “Da derp dee derp da teetley derpee derpee dumb”.

Back at the Jewleeard School, Kyle is in the library reading a book. Stan tries to again prove to Kyle that John Edward is fake, but Kyle doesn’t buy it. As Stan goes to leave, John Edward threatens to sue him. Stan calls him a douche and John challenges him to a “psychic showdown”.

Meanwhile, Nelle and Thomas are trying to catch Kenny’s soul. Thomas holds a broom, chasing it around. The soul flies into a pot roast.

Stan and John are in a psychic showdown. Stan instead talks to the audience about how John is a fraud. The audience applauds Stan as Kyle realises it was all a trick. Suddenly, a red rocketship lands and aliens tell him he has been nominated for “The Biggest Douche In The Universe”.

At Denver International Airport, Liane, Cartman and Chef land and realize they left the pot roast (Kenny) at baggage claim. Another movie ad airs for Rob Schneider, he ends up eating the pot roast and turns into Kenny. He gets shot and his body falls down a flag pole. The movie title “Rob Schneider is Kenny” is shown.

The Biggest Douche In The Universe awards are being held in space. Various nominees are shown. John Edward wins and receives a crown and a banner over his shoulder that reads “Biggest Douche”.


  615: "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" edit
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