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The Iranians selling South Park t-shirts in the local market

  • When Terrance & Phillip first get to Tehran, a salesman can be seen selling shirts with Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman on them.
  • Many South Park fans were outraged by this episode, having waited four weeks to learn the true identity of Cartman's father, and became furious with the writers; the anger and disappointment of the fans was then satirized in the following episode.
  • When this episode first aired in the United Kingdom, it was aired as the finale for Season 2 - airing after Prehistoric Ice Man, with the recap of "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" cut out.
    • In the UK,the episode description is incorrectly listed as "The Boys try to save Canada from Saddam Hussein".
    • Also, in the UK this episode was rated PG, while South Park is usually rated 15 by the BBFC.[1]
  • There are twenty-one total farts in this episode, not including the mass fart at the CFL game. Of the total, Terrance produced thirteen farts and Phillip eight.
  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone stated on the DVD commentary that this was their favorite episode, despite being perhaps the least-popular episode they ever did. They had anticipated it to be "the ultimate South Park Joke".
  • This episode would later be parodied in Cartoon Wars Part II and Eat, Pray, Queef, particularly the lines after the recap: "...will not be seen tonight, so that we can bring you the following special presentation!"

References to Popular Culture

  • The entire episode is a parody of the film Not Without My Daughter.
  • This is the first appearance of Saddam Hussein (1937–2006), who in real life was the Prime Minister of Iraq from 1979 until 2003.
  • As previously mentioned HBC Network is a parody of NBC substituting their trademark peacock logo with a turtle.
  • The HBC movie of the week is a parody of the ABC Movie of the Week.
  • Saddam plans to replace the Canadian flag with an Iranian one. However, the flag that is raised during his brief coup of Canada is the Iraqi flag, continuing the running gag that no one knows the difference between the two.
    • Further, Terrance and Phillip purchased a ticket to Tehran, which is in Iran not Iraq.
  • When Terrance and Phillip watch American television they happen upon the The Jerry Springer Show, known for its outrageous topics and fighting amongst the guests.
  • This episode satires Canada, likely a form of comedic retaliation for, at the time, many "family value" organizations in Canada were calling for South Park to be banned in Canada, which at the time was aired (albeit with additional content editing and censorship) on the Global Television Network.
  • The episode also lampoons a number of Canadian stereotypes such as being extremely nice people, calling others "buddy", ending sentences with "eh" and pronouncing the word 'about' so it sounds like "aboot". It also plays on Americans general ignorance of Canadian culture, joking that Canada is one large country with no distinct provinces.
  • Terrance and Phillip love the product Kroff Dinner, which is a parody of Kraft Dinner, a ready meal by the Kraft company. This adds to the stereotyping with implications that all Canadians love Kraft Dinner.
  • Twice in the episode Terrance, Phillip and the people of Canada sing O Canada, which is Canada's official national anthem. The song has gone through a number of changes and revisions but the version sung in this episode came from revisions made to the anthem in 1926.
  • There is a football game happening in Canada pitting the Ottawa Roughriders, and the Vancouver Roughriders. The joke is based on the fact that the Canadian Football League (CFL) used to have two teams named the Roughriders. There was the Ottawa Rough Riders who played in the league from 1876–1996, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders who are still in the league to this day. Vancouver has its own CFL team, however they are called the BC Lions.
  • "A.C." is initial of "Air Canada".
  • Pop musician Celine Dion apparently had a child with Terrance. During the time this episode aired, Celine Dion was very popular following her single "My Heart Will Go On" which was featured in the 1997 film Titanic. This song was also used during the previous episode, "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut".
  • In Celine Dion's home there is a poster of her that resembles the album artwork for Falling into You released in 1996.
  • Saddam's code name while communicating with Scott is "Red Dragon", among all other references is another name for Satan. As Saddam was an individual of infamy, many groups referred to him as "the devil"
  • When Saddam invades Canada he has pictures of himself all over the country. While Prime Minister of Iraq, Saddam's picture was similarly plastered all over the country. This may be a continuance of the Iran/Iraq confusion jokes in the episode.
  • Places that Saddam plans to conquer next are: The US, China and Newfoundland. Newfoundland is not a country, but a province of Canada.
  • When Scott confronts Saddam on wringing on their deal Saddam says "I changed my mind! Pray that I don't change it any further!" to which Scott responds "This deal's getting worse all the time." This exchange is taken from Darth Vader and Lando Calrissian's exchange when Vader changes their deal in the film The Empire Strikes Back.
  • When this episode first aired, Saddam Hussein was accused by the United States and Britain of creating weapons of mass destruction, and Iraq was the subject of various strikes by both countries as well as pressures from the United Nations to allow them to search for weapons. See Saddam Hussein Post Gulf War.
  • A news anchor reports that Saddam has signed an agreement to let US forces inspect his military operations. This is in reference to the continued conflict between the United States and Iraq during the late 1990s, during which time the US accused Saddam of keeping banned weapons of mass destruction and violating other terms following the end of the Gulf War.
  • US soldiers warn Saddam to get out of Canada in the next three years or they will bomb Iraq. This a reference to the Gulf War where the United States battled Iraq to end their occupation of Kuwait. The Gulf War went from August 1990 until February 1991, however US Operation: Desert Storm continued until November 1995.
  • Saddam Hussein tells Celine Dion and Ugly Bob that he is a fan of Polo, a sport involving hitting coquette balls with a mallet while on horseback. This sport was invented in Persia (now modern day Iran) circa the 5th Century.
  • Saddam is surprised that the Canadians are using chemical warfare. This is in reference to the fact that on March 16, 1988 during the Iran-Iraq War Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons in what is referred to as Halabja poison gas attack.
  • At the murder trial where Scott is going over the evidence he shows where Terrance wrote in his day planner “KILL DR. O’DWYER 8:15”. This is likely a reference to the murder of con-man Ron Levin by the infamous Billionaire Boys Club in 1984. The most damning piece of evidence against defendant Joe Hunt at that trial was a day planner where he scheduled to kill Ron Levin as if it were just another chore in his daily routine.


  • A preview for this episode was seen on TV in "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut".
  • This episode was parodied in a later episode, "Eat, Pray, Queef", in which the Terrance and Phillip two-part episode was to be concluded, but as an April Fool's prank, another show was aired instead.

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