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This page contains trivia for "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


References to Popular Culture

  • The Earth Day people and Kyle perform the Jedi mind-trick hand gesture from the Star Wars Films.
  • Behind the Blow is a parody of VH1's Behind the Music series.
  • Punky Brewster's Soleil Moon Frye never suffered drug and sexual abuse like stated in this episode.
  • The Earth Day people chopping off Kenny's limbs might be a reference to the 1975 British satire film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where King Arthur chops off the Black Knight's limbs during a battle.
  • Terrance and Phillip appear on the TV variety program The Ed Sullivan Show dressed as Canadian mounted police. This mirrors real life Canadian comedy duo Wayne and Shuster, who have held a record for 67 appearances.
  • The Canadian Shakespeare Festival was a satire of the real life Stratford Festival in Canada. This is the world's largest festival devoted to the works of William Shakespeare.
  • The leader of the Earth Day activists is based on Ira Einhorn, an environmental activist who murdered his ex-girlfriend in 1977.
  • The Sketch that Terrance “wrote back in ‘62” is a reference to the Who’s on First sketch by Abbot and Costello



  • When the random slut appeared in the line, she was the fourth person in line, and the third was a woman in a green shirt. When she saw Terrance, she came after the first woman in the line instead of the woman in the green shirt. However, the second and third women may have departed, or the fourth woman skipped two places in line.
  • As Carl prepares to mutilate Kenny for a second time by cutting off his arm, he seems to be lacking a mouth.
  • Clyde Donovan claims his father is a geologist. However, according to "Spontaneous Combustion", "Die Hippie, Die", and "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", it's stated that Randy Marsh is the only geologist (and only scientist, for that matter) in South Park.
  • In the Behind the Blow film, it is stated that as a result of Asses of Fire, 8 million people died in the American-Canadian war. However, this is not true - while 8 million people could easily have died, Kenny got Satan to reverse things to be as they were before the war, so nobody actually stayed dead. Although the characters realized that despite most people dying had just came back to life. This is known by Mr. Garrison's line "I'm alive?" and Big Gal Al's "We were all dying and now we're fine. That's super." Also when Terrance stands up he asks "What the fuck's going on?" Obviously confused that he has just died and is now back alive. So the documentary could be referring to it caused 8 million people to die but just left out the act about Kenny wishing everyone back alive.

Kenny’s Death

  • Kenny dies of blood loss after getting all of his limbs hacked off with a meat cleaver.

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