Sur la Table is a home appliance shop seen in Season Thirteen episode, "Margaritaville". It was also seen briefly in the Season Sixteen episode, "Insecurity". The name translates from French to English as, 'On the Table'.


Stan Marsh goes to Sur la Table to return his father's Margaritaville, a margarita blending machine. Upon talking to the cashier, Caine, Stan learns that he is unable to return the blender, due to Randy financing the machine. Stan finds out that he must go to the financing company in order to attempt to return the Margaritaville.

In the end of "Margaritaville", Randy is seen at Sur la Table purchasing another Margaritaville with added features, such as a salsa dispenser.


  • Sur la Table is based on a real store with the same name[1].


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