"Super Fun Time" was featured in the Season Twelve episode, "Super Fun Time".


Eric Cartman and Butters Stotch escape from the tour group at Pioneer Village go to Super Phun Thyme instead. Cartman sings this song during the montage of the two's adventures at Super Phun Thyme.


I'm having a super fun time day!
Super fun time please don't go away!
No more worries or cares!
It's super fun time!
The answer to my prayers!
Super fun time!
Super fun time, You're all I need!

Super fun time, 'til I freakin' bleed!
I want you morning, noon and night!
Super fun time!

You make my life so right!
Super fun time!


  • The song is a parody of the 1986 New Wave song "Love Missile F1-11" by Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

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