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This page contains trivia for "Super Best Friends". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


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A notice that appears when trying to view this episode on the South Park Studios website.

  • Just like "200" and "201", this episode is no longer viewable on South Park Studios, and is unavailable on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu, or the iTunes Store. It remains available on the Season 5 DVD.
  • Kenny is shown without his hood in this episode, but since his hair is shaved and he is wearing none of his own clothes, he looks identical to the other boys.
  • The invitation to the Blaintology convention mentions "free punch and pie", a technique Cartman uses for the La Resistance meeting in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
  • Stan used the "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" line as a way of tracking down Kyle, who kept yelling "You bastards!" in reply.
  • Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman going door to door is making a portrayal of the Mormon Missionaries.
  • After the boys get their hair shaved off and change into their white clothes, the running gag is that they can't tell each other apart. Stan at one time even asks "Who am I again?". The only one they can tell apart without them wearing their hats is Cartman, because he is fatter than them.
  • This was the 1st episode to ever air on 4 July.
  • The Super Best Friends are listed below with their abilities:
    • Jesus Christ - Extremely fast construction, carpentry skills, expert hand-to-hand combatant, resurrection, flight
    • Krishna - Shapeshifting, flight
    • Joseph Smith - Ice breath, flight
    • Lao Tse - Psychic powers, expert martial arts combat, flight
    • Muhammad - Pyrokinesis, flight
    • Buddha - Invisibility, flight
    • Seaman and Swallow - Underwater breathing and communication with sea-life, flight
    • Moses - Supercomputer

References to Popular Culture

  • David Blaine is an American illusionist and endurance artist. He is best known for his high-profile feats of endurance, and has made his name as a performer of street and close-up magic.
  • Cartman has a disturbing dream of Paula Poundstone, a stand-up comedian accused of molesting her adopted children.
  • Super Best Friends is a parody of "The Superfriends".
  • Seaman is the only Super Best Friend who is not a religious figure. Instead he is a parody of Aquaman from DC comics, who was also a member of the "Superfriends" and "Justice League of America".
  • Blaintology is a parody of Scientology.
  • Larry from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's other show That's My Bush! makes a cameo during the scene with George W. Bush in the White House.


  • Although the original airing of the episode in 2001 wasn't controversial, controversy erupted over the episode in early 2006 following the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, due to the visual depictions of Muhammad it contained. Paramount Comedy in the United Kingdom has banned the episode following the controversy, despite airing adverts for South Park that state Muslims should be very offended. However the episode was aired in the United Kingdom by MTV with no special warning other than the standard South Park disclaimer which appears before every episode.
  • A Bosnian TV station aired this episode in July 2006, sparking some outrage from local Muslim leaders. The controversy was referenced in the South Park episodes "Cartoon Wars Part I" and "Cartoon Wars Part II" from Season Ten, which parodied the censorship of Muhammad in the media. The episodes, however, focused on Muhammad's portrayal on Family Guy rather than on South Park itself. The controversy was mentioned again in "200" and "201", which both contain several references to this episode.


  • This is the only episode where Muhammad was featured uncensored on TV broadcast.
  • This episode makes the second appearance of Moses.
  • The boys will later struggle to tell each other apart in "Naughty Ninjas" due to them wearing identical clothes.


  • When announcing the plans for the mass suicide, Kyle has his hat when he says "Mass Suicide?", but is not wearing it when shown in the next shot.
  • After the Mormon prophet freezes the pool, in the next shot of it, it is not frozen.

Kenny’s Death

  • Drowns in the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial as part of a cult's mass suicide. Stan says his catch phrase 3 times, using it to try and find Kyle in a massive crowd a la the game Marco Polo. Kyle replies twice.

Hidden Visitor(s)

Two visitors appear in this episode:

  • Upside down in Jesus' reflection when he lines up with the others.
  • Part of one appears at the David Blaine show in Denver in the overhead screen.

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