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For other uses, see Stupid Spoiled Whore (disambiguation).

The Stupid Spoiled Whore store is only seen in the episode "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset". It was opened at the beginning of the episode by Paris Hilton in the South Park Mall. Bebe Stevens, and many other girls, shopped there while Wendy Testaburger was horrified, at first, along with her father, to see what was sold there. Skanque, a perfume, was sold there along with a lot of other items and clothes. After the episode ended it is unknown to what happened to the store, although it is possible it was shut down due to Paris Hilton getting trapped in Mr. Slave's rectum and him stating that being spoiled and whorish is a bad thing.


  • Various skimpy outfits
  • Skanque perfume


  • The logo for this store looks similar to 'Hello Kitty'.
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