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South Park Studios is South Park's official website. Excluding "Super Best Friends", "200", and "201", it has all of the South Park episodes available for streaming. It also has various South Park-related games and an avatar/character creator.

Every time a new episode comes out, it appears on this site. However, because of an agreement made with Comedy Central, one week after a new episode has aired, it is temporarily removed. After an additional three weeks, the new episode is put back up permanently for streaming.

Due to the controversy over showing the image of Muhammad, three episodes have been taken off the site; "Super Best Friends", "200" and "201", although some clips from "200" can be viewed. It's not known whether or not these episodes will ever appear on South Park Studios again in the future.

The website, or certain sections of the website, are unavailable in some countries. Localized versions of the website are available in many countries, such as in the UK and Ireland

In 24 of September the episode streaming wont be free anymore after the Hulu takeover and only a selection of episodes will availble for free and you gonna need an Hulu Plus subscription to stream all the episodes this caused a major controversy and now international fans are will have to watch low-quality pirated versions of the episodes many South Park fans from the world have signed a petition to receive and apology and stop Hulu from taking over South Park Studios it can be found here theres no other information from now on



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