The South Park Church is a Roman Catholic church run by Priest Maxi and Sister Ann. It has mass on Sunday.



The church is shaped in an arch shape with a cross on the top of the roof. It has one red double set of doors with a smaller cross above that. It has maroon glass stained windows


The Interior of the church is like any other church, with two columns of pews, an altar and various other religious items. Father Maxi's office has a desk, a cupboard and random items strewn about. The Sunday School room is run by Sister Ann and is similar to the kindergarten classroom, the table is circular and it has some toys littered around the room. The church also has a confession box where Father Maxi was caught having sex with Mrs. Donovan.

In "Jewpacabra", the interior has been completely re-designed. The crosses on the doors are now part of the wood and plants can be seen either side. There is another door by the chapel, which next to that, is the new location of the confession box. It also has different benches and many more candles that can be seen along the side of the chapel.


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