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Liane Cartman0

Liane Cartman is Eric Cartman's mother who has been a recurring, and prominent, character on South Park since the very beginning. Prior to the series debut, in the "Unaired Pilot", Liane was shown to have a husband and daughter. They were not included in the show.

During the first season multi-part episode, "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut", it was revealed that Liane was Eric's mother and father. She was revealed to be a hermaphrodite, however this was later retconned in "201" when Eric's true father was discovered.

In the first several seasons, Liane was shown to be very sexually promiscuous, often as a way to support her family. She was often seen engaging in intercourse with visitors and performing professionally. Since then, however, this quality has lessened significantly. (read more...)

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