South Park is a fictional town in the state of Colorado, which serves as the main setting of the eponymous show.



There's an actual basin called South Park in Colorado, but the town in real life is known as Fairplay, Colorado. In the show, South Park's location is never specified but is shown to be part of Park County, Colorado. It seems to be located near the state capital, Denver. It was also mentioned in "Quest for Ratings" that it neighbors Middle Park. In the Season 8 episode "Goobacks," we learned that South Park is near to Route 285, a real route located near Denver, that runs through South Park Basin. Other real towns mentioned in the series are; Aspen, Boulder, Conifer, Eagle, Fairplay, Greeley, and Bailey.


South park

A Map of South Park after being taken over by old people in "Grey Dawn"

South Park is a small, stereotypical mountain town with an approximate population of 4,388, as revealed in "Chef Goes Nanners." Due to the show's use of a floating timeline, the town is perpetually in winter, with the occasional exception, such as "Summer Sucks," where the school year ended and summer vacation began. However, this "summer" only lasted for one episode, and the seasons of spring and fall were both bypassed completely.

While South Park at first appears to be a fairly normal and relaxed city, many bizarre and paranormal happenings have occurred there. In the pilot episode, alien Visitors visit South Park. As the series progressed, South Park has encountered mutant turkeys, killer fish from alternate dimensions, and immigrants from the future. The adults of South Park are generally incompetent, unreasonable, and gullible (with the exception of Chef) and in "Here Comes the Neighborhood," they are all (with the exception of Token Black's family) shown to be fairly low-income. When disaster strikes South Park, the adults are almost always completely ineffectual in solving it, leaving the children of South Park to save the town.


The adults of South Park arguing with each other

However, the adults are still important to keeping order within South Park, as seen in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure." Adults also form successful organizations to fight the "source" of the boys' misdemeanors. For example, Mrs. Broflovski creates a very powerful organization in the film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, called Mothers Against Canada in response to the boys' persistent foul language, which they blame on the movie Asses of Fire.




Buildings frequently change locations. From a distance, the town seems to be only the main street, but more is actually shown in the town. It may be that the rest of the town is behind a mountain, or simply the creators' way of showing it as a small town.


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Just like any sitcom, the show South Park has many different locations, most of which are situated inside the town. These include:

SouthParkBoys (Medium)

The iconic South Park bus stop

Current State

South Park has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times, such as in "Mecha-Streisand," "Chickenlover," and "201." It has remained more or less the same since the show's creation, though more and more of the town has appeared as the show goes on.