Story Missions

Name Description
Screenshot (586)
Origins The kids are now playing superheroes. In order to fit in again, you must ditch your crown and sword, and try to make the most epic backstory ever!
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Alternate Universes Collide Help Human Kite destroy his evil alternate self.
Screenshot (659)
The Chains of Super Craig Stripe is missing! Help Super Craig find him.
Screenshot (705)
Rise of the Fourthies The Sixth Graders are torturing a cat at the Bus Stop. Do what every fourth grader dreams of doing, and teach them a lesson.
Screenshot (653)
Gotta Go Fast (Travel) Make life easier by discovering the Fast Travel Flag at Main Street.
Screenshot (692)
Mosquito in a Honey Pot In order to fill out the Kryptonite section on your character sheet, you must save Mosquito from the temptresses known as the Raisins Girls.
Screenshot (699)
The Talk Meet with Mr. Mackey to fill out the Sex/Gender section on your character sheet.
Screenshot (697)
A Touch of Faith Talk with Father Maxi so he can help you face your fears.
Screenshot (716)
The Burrito Whisperer The Coon wants a taco, head over to Freeman's Tacos to get him one.
Screenshot (596)
Civil War The Freedom Pals are invading main street. It's up to Coon and Friends to teach them a lesson, head over there and kick their asses!
Screenshot (590)
The Bowels of the Beast In order to find Scrambles, you must infiltrate The Peppermint Hippo and confront The Girl with the Penis Tattoo. Only she has the answer.
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Operation: Just 'Cause Sgt. Yates has news of a drug kingpin in town. Help him solve the case.

Side Missions

Name Description
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A Randy Mystery Somebody's keying Randy's car! Find out who it is, and stop them.