Snacky Cakes are a brand of cakes sold in South Park and like Cheesy Poofs and Coo-Coo Chips, they are among Eric Cartman's favorite snack foods.

They first appeared in the episode "Death" in which Stan Marsh gives a packet to Eric Cartman in order to cheer him up, as Stan's grandad offends him. They have since then appeared in many other episodes, such as in the episode "Goobacks".


The box is green; there is a picture of a bear wearing a yellow undershirt, light blue pants and black shoes; the bear has a similar body-type to that of Cartman; there is also a black stripe above the bear. at the top "Snacky Cakes" is inscribed in red, Nickelodeon-font lettering.


In South Park, the video game released in 1998, Snacky Cakes restore full health upon consumption.

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