The security guard is an unnamed character who was first seen the Season Four episode, "Something You Can Do with Your Finger".


He is first seen in "Something You Can Do with Your Finger" teaching the ropes to a rookie security guard at the South Park Mall, despite obliviously letting a terrorist proceed with his plan to unleash anthrax upon all of North America. At the end, he seems to be the only person who enjoys Fingerbang's music while they performed on a stage in the mall.

He is later hired by Eric Cartman in "Cartmanland" to prevent unwanted guests into his theme park, especially Stan and Kyle. He tells Cartman that he needs to let more people into the park in order to cover his salary and hire other employees to keep the theme park running.


The security guard has an aggressive demeanor with a tendency to pepper spray people for no reason and tell them to "move along, sir/ma'am."


The security guard has light brown hair with a receding hairline and a mustache. He wears a uniform made up of alight blue shirt and dark blue pants. A black belt and black shoes.


Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

The security guard is seen working as security for the gated community the Black Residence is in and fought by the Douchebag in a mandatory quest. The player must first acquire a gas mask from Jimbo's Guns to become immune to the security guard's pepper spray, thus forcing a battle. After he is defeated, he tells the New Kid that he can't look at him without feelings of deep personal shame and plays no further role in the story.


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