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Russell Crowe is an Australian actor. He appears in the episode "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer". The episode centers around the boys, who are trying to see the new trailer to Terrance and Phillip's second Asses of Fire film. The trailer is set to appear during a commercial break on Crowe's TV show, Russell Crowe Fightin' Around The World which depicts Crowe traveling the world, randomly beating people up. Crowe also appears in "The Gauntlet", a parody created for the MTV Movie Awards. He is in the role of Maximus Decimus Meridius, but referred to as Russell Crowe. He also reappears in the episode "200" within the group of celebrities that the show has mocked in previous seasons.


Russell Crowe out-of-costume appears in a black suit with an emblem near the left shoulder,and a black bow tie. He appears to be constantly squinting. He has messy, brown hair, and various facial wrinkles.


He appears to be extremely insecure in his television show, beating people up without provocation. He also seems to take anything that's not praise as an insult.


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