The Romanian Guards first appeared "Quintuplets 2000", where they attempted to send the Quintuplets and their grandmother home. They were presumably killed in a boating accident later in the episode.


Guard One (left)

Guard One has brown hair, messy eyebrows, and various facial wrinkles. He wears a black, button-up coat with brown trim, a square, brown hat, black tie, a white shirt, and gray pants.

Guard Two (right)

Guard Two has black hair, thick eyebrows, and a "five o'clock shadow". He wears a black, button-up coat, white shirt, black tie, and light gray pants.


They seem patriotic, staying loyal to Romania despite experiencing first hand how much richer the U.S.A is. They also seem uncaring, trying to make the Quintuplets and their grandmother go back to Romania even though they were simply trying to have a better life.

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