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A bottle of Ritalin as seen in "Timmy 2000".

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Ritalin is an actual medicine to help people with ADD.

In the Season Four episode, "Timmy 2000", everyone is diagnosed with ADD and are prescribed Ritalin. A side effect of Ritalin in the episode was that people who take it may see pink insect-like creatures (with Christina Aguilera's face for a head), which Eric Cartman saw on multiple occasions due to overdose. However, they all overdose on it and doctors have to use an antidote called Ritalout, which is a drug that negates the effects of Ritalin to get people to stop using Ritalin. Upon using this medication, children and adults alike become "zombie-like", showing very little emotional response to stimuli (this happens to a lesser extent in real life as well), although this is probably due to non-fatal overdose.
Pink Christina Aguilera Monster

The Christina Aguilera creature hallucination caused by an overdose of Ritalin.

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