Rick Tellmore is a South Park resident who waited at the mall for Black Friday sales. He appeared in the Season Seventeen episode, "Titties and Dragons".


In "Titties and Dragons", a reporter interviews Tellmore who was waiting at the mall for over six days. While waiting, Tellmore and his family drew straws. He ate his 5 year old son, who drew the shorted straw, in order to maintain his position in line for a $20 bluray player. He then goes on to sing "I Ate My Son 'Fer A Blu-Ray Player" to bring the Christmas spirit to the idea of eating his own son.


Rick Tellmore wears white tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a gray hooded sweater under a brown jacket. He is mostly balding, with gray hair on the sides and back of his head. He also wears a brown hat.


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