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Radiohead is an English rock band that appeared in "Scott Tenorman Must Die". In the show, the band seems to be touched by Eric Cartman's letter, and goes to South Park to comfort Scott Tenorman, but after seeing him cry, they insult him and leave.


Behind the Scenes of "Scott Tenorman Must Die"

Matt Stone drove up to Santa Barbara to record Radiohead after a concert of theirs. This is confirmed in commentary minis with Matt Stone and Trey Parker.


They all wear clothing of varying appearance, however their basic outfit is the same: pants, a shirt or coat, and an undershirt, however, two members of the band do not wear a shirt or coat.


They seem to be caring, leaving their work just to visit Scott Tenorman, due to a letter Cartman sent that claimed he had "ass cancer". However, this is later revoked when they see Scott crying. This lead to them insulting him and leaving.


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