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For other uses, see Kelly (disambiguation).

R. Kelly is an American singer and songwriter, who appeared in the Season Twelve episode, "Trapped in the Closet".


In "Trapped in the Closet", the local news media asks him to sing to Tom Cruise, who is refusing to come out of Stan Marsh's closet. When John Travolta joins Tom Cruise in the closet, R. Kelly pulls out a gun and holds a woman in the crowd hostage. He eventually joins Tom Cruise and John Travolta in the closet and sings with them. He is later seen at the MTV Music Awards in "Britney's New Look".


R. Kelly has a thick black beard, as well as black eyebrows that are very close to eyes. He wears a creme suit, creme pants, a white v-neck, and an earring on his right ear.


R. Kelly seems to obsessively sing every word he says. He carries around a small pistol, which he has no problems using to intimidate others into getting what he wants.


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