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Q-Money was Nut Gobbler's pimp in "Erection Day". Q-Money kidnaps Nut Gobbler when he finds her and Jimmy at a restaurant, thinking Jimmy is her new pimp. Jimmy chases him in a Hollywood style high-speed chase to the roof of a building, where he pulls a gun on them. Jimmy distracts Q-Money with jokes, allowing Nut Gobbler to hit him with a metal pipe.


Q-Money has small eyes, a large nose, short black hair, thick black eyebrows, and a thin, black goatee. He wore a black jacket, several silver necklaces, a diamond-studded, black and white watch, a gold watch, black pants, and white sneakers.


Q-Money was extremely paranoid, believing that Jimmy, a fourth grader, was attempting to steal Nut Gobbler away from him simply because he took her out to dinner.


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