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"Princess Kenny Theme" is an anime style montage from the Season Seventeen episode, "A Song of Ass and Fire". The song is in South Park: The Stick of Truth as the background music during the fight with Princess Kenny.


The theme song plays when Lady McCormick becomes Princess Kenny after receiving the Sony Princess Box from the Sony President. The song is a parody of the Princess Lover theme song.[2]


Kanji lyrics Transcription English Translation

ケニーちゃん かわいいプリンセス

かわいいね 女の子?

Ima kayōbi desu
​Purinsesu Kenī korosu
Naze mata?
Naze osoi?
Kenī-chan kawaii purinsesu

Kawaii ne onna no ko

It is Tuesday now
I'm killing Princess Kenny
Why again?
Why so late?
Kenny is a cute princess
Isn't she a cute girl?


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