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Predator is from the predator film. The Predator appeared in the Season Five episode "Butters' Very Own Episode".


Butters can be seen being stalked by a Predator alien with its thermal vision walking through the woods. The three red laser pointers from its gun lock-on, but then decide not to kill.

It also appeared the "Imaginationland, Episode II" in several scenes notably with the Xenomorph attacking the good characters and Butters.


The Predator wears silver armor on the upper half of its torso, shoulders, knees, upper arms, fists, shins, crotch and it also wears a helmet it also has red on its gloves and body armor. Its skin is light green, it also has sort of chain mail on parts of the body without armor. it has braid like things under its helmet.


Its weapons that are seen were a spear, two claws on its right hand and a triple laser.


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