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Polly Prissypants was one of Eric Cartman's toys, along with Clyde Frog, Peter Panda, Rumpertumskin, and Muscleman Marc. They were the only comfort Cartman had, and acted as his alter-egos. He talks to them and pretends they are real when he is having personal issues in his life. Polly, along with the rest of his toys were "killed" in "1%".


Polly Prissypants is a small doll dressed in a pink dress and hat with white frills and white and pink striped stockings. She has light blue buttons as eyes.



  • "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" - Seen with the other toys at the tea party.
  • "Cat Orgy" - As 'Salma Hayek' in Wild Wild West.
  • "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" - As a victim in the pit in Silence of the Lambs reenactment.
  • "1%" - As the one who apparently masterminded the murders of Cartman's other stuffed toys Polly is "killed" by Cartman at her own behest.

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