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Pocket was Pip Pirrup's roommate in the Season Four episode "Pip".


He teaches Pip the basics of being a gentleman, such as not putting one's knife in one's mouth, not passing gas at the table, not placing a napkin in the glasses, and not checking one's penis for scabs at the diner table. Pocket had a large collection of baby bunnies, of which Estella killed twenty five.

He helps Pip defeat Miss Havisham and is joyful at the prospect of a happy ending. It is announced at the end of the episode that Pocket died of Hepatitis B, which could lead to the fact that he had premarital sex.


Pocket is a cheerful bloke with combed red hair, large front teeth, and a crooked smile. He wears brown pants, a red vest over a white formal shirt, and a large teal bow tie.


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