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Patrick Duffy[2] appeared in the Season One episode, "Volcano", he was used and shown being used as the left leg of Scuzzlebutt, a mysterious basket-weaving creature who lives on a mountain top. In the Spanish version he's replaced by Julio Iglesias.

Duffy reappears with Scuzzlebutt in,"The Stick of Truth as a leg. Something always blocks his head.


Patrick Duffy, as he appears in South Park wears a red shirt and brown pants. He is physically attached at the feet, upside down, to Scuzzlebutt and is used as Scuzzlebutt's left leg.


  • Patrick Duffy: "Hi kids, I'm TV's Patrick Duffy." from "Volcano".
  • Patrick Duffy: "No! Why god? Why?" from "Volcano".


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