"PC Chant" is a chant that appears in the Season Nineteen episode "Stunning and Brave". The PC Chant was inspired by a video made by the Texas State University-Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.[1]

It is performed by Randy, P.C. Principal, and the PCA Frat House members.


Social Justice, 1-2-3!

(Woo Woo)

I wanna be PC!

(Woo Woo)

It's just the way to be for me... And you!

(Woo Woo)

Your hateful slurs are through!

(Woo Woo)

(I call woo woo on you!) (Woo Woo)

We'll fight until you're PC black and blue!

(Woo Woo)

We are language police! Fighting bigotry! Hurtful words can suck our turds! 'Cause it's PC for me... And you!

(Woo Woo)


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