P.F. Pityef Bracelet Factory was seen in the Season Sixteen episode, "A Scause For Applause". It was modeled after the Dr. Seuss style of cartooning, containing elements of The Lorax and The Sneetches.


The proprietor of the P.F. Pityef factory talks in rhyme and manufactures bracelets, which he refers to as "Scauses", to everyone in South Park. After Jesus Christ is accused of using the performance-enhancing drug, HGH, in order to perform miracles, the townsfolk cut off their scauses, showing their solidarity to the fallen hero in protest.

Stan Marsh and Jesus meet with the owner of the scause factory, to come up with a new cause for Jesus, and win the people's support once more. The owner packs up his wares and the shop, after the last cent has been spent, with the people having accomplished nothing.

Feeling betrayed, Jesus uses HGH and goes on an "Incredible Hulk" type rage, destroys the factory and its proprietor, thus winning back the support of the people.