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Ozzy Osbourne is a musician. songwriter, and actor. He appeared in the season two episode "Chef Aid", as one of the performers at the concert. In "My Future Self n' Me", Stan is seen watching The Osbournes, featuring Ozzy, his son Jack Osbourne, and his daughter Kelly. Osbourne appears on "Chef Aid: The South Park Album", singing "Nowhere to Run" with DMX, Ol' Dirty Bastard and The Crystal Method. He also appeared in the accompanying mockumentary, Chef Aid: Behind the Menu, in which he talked about Chef's influence on his career.


In "Chef Aid", he wears an oversized coat, black pants, round sunglasses, and a cross on a necklace. In "My Future Self n' Me" he is seen wearing a black and purple robe.


Kelly and Jack Osbourne

Kelly and Jack Osbourne appeared in "My Future Self n' Me". In the episode, Stan is seen watching The Osbournes, featuring Kelly, Ozzy, and Jack.


  • Ozzy biting Kenny's head off is a reference to the incident where he bit the head off a live bat.



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