Orlich was a member of the Burger King Bandits, who robbed a Burger King in "Super Fun Time". He was the gang's computer expert. He didn't trust Franz with the loot as he presumed he would flee with it and would never see him again and so demanded his cut early, which was only what seemed to be a measly Burger King kid's meal and three dollar bills. When the police stormed Pioneer Village, Orlich was the first of the thieves to get shot and killed in the ensuing firefight.


Orlich has short, blond hair. He wears a black shirt, what appears to be a bulletproof vest, and gray pants. He also has on black-framed glasses, what appears to be a bluetooth earpiece, and a watch on his left wrist.


He seems to be extremely narcissistic, even willing to kill children to get what he wants. He also seems intelligent, knowing that Franz would try to run away with his "cut" in "Super Fun Time".



In "Super Fun Time" he was shown to be in a group of thieves with Franz, however, their relationship seemed business-only, considering Orlich didn't trust that Franz would give him his "cut" of their stolen goods.


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